Welcome to AERO Med Claims!

AERO Med Claims has provided EMS billing services since 1995. We handle initial claim submission, accounts receivable tracking and appeals and litigation services.

It is our highest priority to partner with our clients so they are able to offer the urgent care needed in their communities. We have extensive experience working with clients in Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Wyoming and Puerto Rico.

As a trusted and reputable EMS billing company, we continue to take advantage of new technologies to make our services most efficient and secure. All of our EMS billing practices and procedures are transparent, and we are successful at following through from submission to payment.

Compliance is important within our company and also with every insurance company we work with. We pride ourselves on our diligence to collect every cent owed to our clients, and this has earned us high respect in the industry. In fact, AERO Med Claims has been recommended to EMS programs in New Mexico by New Mexico Medicaid.


Honest, Transparent EMS Billing

When we first launched our company in the mid 1990s, we wanted to deliver a new kind of EMS billing. We set out to make a difference for not only our clients but also the communities they serve.

Through the years, our team members have been cross-trained and depend on each other for motivation, support and knowledge. This provides the best results and keeps the lines of communication open. As Steve Jobs said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

AERO Med Claims is proud to offer a dynamic team of knowledgeable billing specialists that includes certified professional coders and certified ambulance coders. This has allowed us to be extremely efficient with our billing processes and collecting payment from insurance companies and patients.


Handling Your Accounts with Care

Our services go beyond billing. We will represent your organization positively and establish good rapports with the insurance companies and your patients. Our knowledge of industry specifics allows us to maximize collections from payors, decreasing patient balances and increasing collections for your program. Thanks to our personal attention and detail-oriented processes, AERO Med Claims has become a trusted partner for many air and ground ambulance services.

AERO Med Claims is pleased to continue our work alongside EMS professionals. Our costs are reasonable, our software is industry specific and our customer service is second to none. Call us today to learn more.