As a full-service EMS billing company, AERO Med Claims delivers all of the services you need under one roof, including initial claim submissions, accounts receivable tracking, appeals and litigation services. We have built a positive reputation for ourselves through our comprehensive billing services that we handle with a personal touch.

Our team values the work and effort that EMS professionals perform in our communities, and we make it our goal to effectively manage their revenue cycle so they can provide the best care possible.

With more revenue, these programs enjoy enhanced flexibility when purchasing equipment and integrating new technology. They are also able to hire some of the most experienced personnel that bring positive change to their operations.

Below are the services offered by AERO Med Claims.


Initial Claim Submissions

Insurance companies offer thousands of different plans, which is why filing for an ambulance claim deserves careful attention. If one item is off, it could cause a delay in receiving proper payment.

AERO Med Claims is familiar with the latest guidelines regarding HIPAA and Medicare compliance. We track all EMS claims and responses received from insurance companies. With our intuitive software, data is entered accordingly and alerts us when it’s time to follow up with a claim. Our software is also designed to generate secondary claims once primary payments are received and to send monthly statements to patients.


Accounts Receivable Tracking

Timely payments is one of our highest priorities. Our billing specialists handle each account with care while being firm about receiving payment. We are happy to provide monthly personalized patient statements that remind patients of what they owe and how much has been put toward the bill.

We are also happy to accommodate our clients in terms of how often and when they would like bills sent out. We recognize that your name is on these statements, and we want you to be aware of the communications that are taking place between us and your accounts.

If need be, our company has access to reputable collection agencies. Fortunately, with our detailed billing cycles and diligent follow ups, our billing specialists are able to collect most payments.


Appeals, Hearings and Litigation

AERO Med Claims never rushes through the billing process. We take a slow and steady approach that allows us to collect money without ruining relationships. This helps you recover more funds and avoid appeals and litigation.

With the recent changes made to insurance programs, claims and appeals are receiving more scrutiny than ever before. Attention to detail and an understanding of industry changes is crucial. AERO Med Claims is happy to handle all appeals, hearings and litigation. We minimize denials and reductions, and our management team will perform detailed audits on all claims. Let us handle the specifics while you focus on life-saving care!

To learn more about any of our services, schedule a call with one of our team members. Let’s get compliance concerns under control, make your billing process more efficient and boost your bottom line!