AERO Med Claims played an instrumental part in our success and I highly recommend their services.  You can't go wrong with AERO Med Claims.  
John Richardson
former CEO  - Southwest MedEvac
November 12, 2016
AERO Med Claims has been our billing company for 10 years.  Prior to that, I did my billing in-house and I was meticulous about collecting every dollar I could from every claim.  I did not think it was possible for a company to care for my claims as much as I did personally, but after working only a short time with Aero Med Claims I came to find they had a personal approach to their collection method.  They were as strict about every dollar as I was and even more o in some cases.  I sleep well at night knowing that I can trust the personal care and attention AERO Med Claims gives to my accounts.  I truly love the service and believe it is one of the reasons for our success.    
Jim Hunt
VP  - Eagle Air Med
November 12, 2016
We had AERO Med Claims take over our ambulance billings in August 2004.  Prior to this date, we were handling the billings in house.  During our first year with AERO Med Claims, our ambulance collections doubled.  They have been professional and competent from the beginning. Their services are invaluable to us.  We are now starting our fourth year with them and our experience with AERO Med Claims has been wonderful.  I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to out source their billing services.  
Rocky Kube
Administrative Chief  - Pinetop Fire District
November 12, 2016
With the knowledge base and expertise in ground ambulance billing, combined with the dedication and commitment to reimbursements on each claim sent to them; AERO Med Claims has been more than a superb medical billing company, whose staff are skilled, friendly and flexible to work with. AERO Med Claims has helped Sacred Mountain Medical Service become a strong, dedicated, and quality ground ambulance provider to the populations and communities of the Northern Regions of Arizona and especially the Navajo Nation. Danny Barney Owner, Sacred Mountain Medical Service  
Danny Barney
Owner  - Sacred Mountain Medical Service
November 12, 2016