April 2017

April 2017


This is the first of many to come, we look forward to supplying you with pertinent and interesting information within the field of Emergency Medical Services!

Forest Lakes Fire District - looking good!


Tribal programs without CON's in Arizona are finally seeing much deserved rate increases with AHCCCS as of 10/1/2016. This success was achieved after several meetings with AHCCCS, AZDHS, and Tribal Leaders EMS program representatives. AERO Med Claims was honored to be involved in those meetings and is looking forward to future progress in this arena. Anthony Huma with Hopi EMS spearheaded this workgroup and is continuing to push for fairer reimbursement rates. The increase was a step in the right direction but reimbursement rates for Tribal programs and other non-ADHS-regulated programs are still far from equitable.


For AZDHS regulated programs in Arizona, we are thinking ahead to this coming October with AHCCCS and rate increases. Did you know - if AZDHS hasn't approved your rate increase by 7/1/17 you could have to wait up to 15 months to see that increase reflected in any AHCCCS payments? Be sure to get your requests filed soon! See link for access to a general rate increase sample letter: AHCCCS rate increase


Finally, our team here at AERO has stepped up our commitment to further reduce our carbon footprint! We have been nearly paperless for years but have recently been taking increased advantage of online faxing and working with our insurance payors who are not currently accepting electronic claims to start doing so. This not only reduces our paper usage, but streamlines our process even more and cuts out the need for scanners while saving trees too!


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